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Green Biologics receives Commercialisation Achievement Award

Published 7th June, 2017 by Neil Nixon

Green Biologics receives Commercialisation Achievement Award

The Biorenewable Deployment Consortium (BDC) has honoured Green Biologics Inc., the US subsidiary of Green Biologics Ltd, with the organisation’s Spring 2017 Commercialisation Achievement Award. Green Biologics is recognised for its leadership in the biorenewable industry and successful commercialisation of renewable alternatives to n-butanol, acetone and its associated derivatives. These chemicals serve as vital components to downstream products across various industries, including CASE (coatings, adhesives, sealants and elastomers), HI&I (household, industrial and institutional cleaners), PCI (personal care intermediates), food ingredients, and energy chemicals.

“The Biorenewable Deployment Consortium is proud to honour Green Biologics with its Spring 2017 Commercialisation Achievement Award,” said BDC chairman and co-founder Ben Thorp. “Green Biologics is a great example of a company that is effectively using its technology platform to produce a wide range of sustainable feedstocks into high performance green chemicals and industrial products. Its commercial plant in Little Falls, MN is the reason that BDC has recognised Green Biologics and awarded its global team for its continued success.”

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