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Goodbye to gum

Published 19th July, 2016 by Neil Nixon

Goodbye to gum

Gum Ranger Challenger from Spinaclean is a portable battery operated heavy duty gum removal machine where no LPG or generator is required. It is claimed to be a fast and easy way to remove 500 pieces of gum an hour, without having to drag a pressure washer or hose.

Lightweight and easy to use with no trailing leads means it can be used in public areas in safety. The battery powered Challenger operates silently and is powered by maintenance free batteries that will give six hours continuous use.

The power unit has locking castors which are useful when working on inclines or stairs. Flashing red operational lights give safety warning when in use. The machine is protected in a heavy duty stainless steel body and the whole unit comes with a one year parts and labour guarantee.

Operation is easy - simply add the environmentally friendly gum removal solution to the tank, switch on and, as the solution vaporises, remove gum using the lance and its wire brush.

For removing gum from enclosed spaces like football terraces and narrow stairways, the Challenger's sister backpack model - Gum Ranger Freestyle - will clean up 300 pieces of gum an hour.

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