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Good Sense Service revitalised

Published 29th October, 2015 by Neil Nixon

Good Sense Service revitalised

A bad smell is often the first indication that something is wrong. One way to remove bad smells or malodours is to eliminate the root cause. This is not always possible so many odour control products simply rely on masking the smell with a strong perfume. Diversey Care takes a different approach. Many of its cleaning products, including its odour control ranges, incorporate patented Odour Neutralising Technology. This chemical deactivates the most common molecules that cause bad smells so they cannot affect our senses and make a bad impression. This allows products containing ONT to incorporate subtle fragrances chosen for their ambience-enhancing qualities rather than any need to overpower bad smells. Products with ONT are effective against a variety of malodours including urine, body odours, smoke, mould and mildew.

The latest products to be revitalised with ONT are Diversey Care's Good Sense Service range of odour control products for use with air-conditioning systems in hospitality, food service and retail settings. These are available in a range of fragrances including one specifically formulated for kitchens and food service areas.

Good Sense Service Plaque is designed for centralised air-conditioning or ventilation systems. The product is supplied in gel bars known as plaques that are placed in a frame which is then mounted inside the main outlet of the air-conditioning system. In this way the product is automatically diffused to all parts of the building. The number of plaques can be varied depending on the size of the building and the capacity of the air-conditioning system.

In buildings with decentralised air-conditioning systems, for example where there is a unit for each room or area, Good Sense Service Solo and Good Sense Service Strip offer versatility and value. Depending on the product a capsule or strip is placed inside the outlet of the individual air-conditioning unit. One advantage of this approach is that different levels of odour control and alternative fragrances can be diffused to separate rooms or sections of the building. The strips can also be installed in a stand-alone portable tower which is ideal for temporary or highly localised odour control.

In all these systems the diffusion rate of the product is adjusted during the first 48 hours of use to ensure optimum performance. Once this is achieved the Good Sense Service products will give up to 90 days of continuous odour control with no need for further intervention.

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