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Gojo launches Purell Perfect Placement programme

Published 15th August, 2019 by Neil Nixon

Gojo launches Purell Perfect Placement programme

If people have not washed their hands properly they can spread germs onto the door handle and the other surfaces that they touch when they leave the washroom. In fact, research has revealed that one single contaminated door handle can infect up to 60% of the occupants of a building within just four hours. To help tackle this problem and break the chain of infection, Gojo has launched the Purell Perfect Placement programme.

Designed to encourage hand hygiene compliance and reduce the number of germs leaving the washroom, the Purell Perfect Placement programme recommends placing a dispenser by the washroom exit door. It should be positioned between 36" to 46" above the floor, on the handle side, which is the perfect height to trigger proper hand hygiene behaviour and prevent the transmission of bacteria from door handles.

Customers who partner with Gojo also have access to a host of Purell Perfect Placement marketing materials.

Chris Wakefield, vice president, European marketing and product development, Gojo Industries-Europe Ltd, said:“Sanitising hands has been proven to help break the chain of infection yet shocking statistics still show that proper hand hygiene protocol is not being followed. One in four people, for example, do not wash their hands after using the washroom, and of those that do, 46% are not washing for long enough to be effective. When you also consider how quickly and easily infection can spread, through direct and indirect touch, it’s clear that washroom users need an extra prompt to clean their hands. The Purell Perfect Placement programme is designed to do just that – placing a sanitising dispenser at washroom exits offers that much needed additional opportunity for hand hygiene.”

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