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Getting tough on pressure cleaning

Published 3rd July, 2014 by Neil Nixon

Getting tough on pressure cleaning

Cat Pumps has announced the development of a new version of its field-proven 5CP positive displacement triplex plunger pump series. The new 5CP4120 series meets increasing demands for higher pressures in the heavy-duty high-end pressure washer market.

“Cat Pumps 5CP series plunger pumps set the industry standard for long lasting pressure washer pumps,” said Brian Hubbard, general manager of Cat Pumps UK. “Building on that success, we have extended the pressure range from 3500 to 4000 psi (245 to 275 bar). Our new 5CP4120 is a highly robust pump which does not compromise either on performance or build quality.”

The compact model 5CP4120 is rated 17 litres/min at 1750 rpm and can be used in both belt and direct drive applications. To satisfy the demanding requirements of the applications for which this pump has been designed, and to provide a long, low maintenance working life, the valves and seats are made from 316 stainless steel and have been hardened and polished for ultimate performance.

High and low pressure seals are fully lubricated and cooled by the pumped liquid. Combined with Cat Pumps special concentric, high density polished ceramic plungers, this feature greatly increases pump life. When the time eventually comes for seal replacement, this is quick since the 5CP range features 'press in style' seal cases.

For diesel and petrol engine applications, this pump can also be supplied complete with Cat Pumps robust speed-reduction helical gearbox, to fit directly to the chosen engine with a 1” parallel shaft and SAE mounting face.

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