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Getting tough on graffiti

Published 10th March, 2010 by Neil Nixon

Getting tough on graffiti

The writing is on the wall for nuisance graffiti everywhere, thanks to Sheffield-based Gems Hygiene’s comprehensive range of removers. Gems supplies solutions for removing graffiti from any surface, including plastic and paint finishes, which were traditionally hard to treat.

Heading up Gems’ range of graffiti removal products are Gem Wipes, a quick and effective way to eliminate spray paint on all non-absorbent finishes such as road signs, telephone boxes and public transport, without causing excess waste or damage to the environment.

Dennis Strong, school marshal at Perse Upper School in Cambridge, said: “Gem Wipes are fantastic - I have never used anything like them before. The handy wet-wipe formula minimises mess and makes light work of graffiti removal, vastly reducing the time it takes to treat the affected area. I would have no hesitation in recommending Gem Wipes to colleagues, particularly when they are accompanied by such excellent customer service.”

Graffiti can now be removed safely from solvent sensitive surfaces, without damaging the finish, thanks to Gems’ Plastic Safe Graffiti Remover. This graffiti remover is ideal for use in enclosed spaces and for cleaning off adhesive labels. It has been extensively tested, boasting an exceptionally good environmental profile and is suitable for all plastics, laminates and polycarbonates, as it breaks up aerosol spray paint without attacking the polyurethane or powder- coated base.

For really tough jobs, Gems’ Heavy Duty Graffiti Remover is ideal. Its gel formula helps prevent run-off, enabling the water soluble solution to dissolve or break up all types of paints without giving off unpleasant odours or fumes. The strong solvent action works on felt tip, ball point pen, crayon and cellulose, acrylic or polyurethane paint. It is also effective on floor paints and varnishes.

Sarah Wade, Gems’ marketing manager, said: “Graffiti removal is an ongoing problem for many organisations, but now we can tackle it without damaging the surface underneath, it is not such a time- consuming task. Gems takes pride in sourcing products that are sensitive to both our customers’ needs and the environment and I am pleased to say that our entire graffiti removal range meets these requirements perfectly.”

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