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Garden maintenance

Published 17th April, 2014 by Neil Nixon

Garden maintenance

Incentive FM has expanded its 3 (+2) year TFM contract with Capco. The scope already included the facilities management of the Capco Covent Garden portfolio and the cleaning of privately owned land, and this has now been expanded to include a wider cleaning remit in the wider Covent Garden estate.

As part of the deal, Incentive FM will introduce a number of enhancements to the existing cleaning operation and undertake additional street cleaning areas in the public realm, which is funded by Capital and Counties plc (Capco) and in agreement with Westminster City Council. This latest development is designed to further improve the presentation of the estate and increase the overall customer experience.

An additional six cleaners have been recruited to the Incentive team who will use a newly purchased Tenant 636 Green Machine to enable more detailed road and pavement sweeping to take place. The team will also be providing daily deep cleaning to King Street in Covent Garden, delivering a high standard of cleanliness by scrubbing the pavement, removing chewing gum and cleaning the street furniture.

Bruce McDonnell, operations director at Incentive FM, said: “It is vital that the millions of visitors to the area each year have an exceptional experience and a high standard of cleanliness is a big part of that. This investment in both people and equipment is already yielding results in the appearance of the environment within the wider estate.”

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