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G60 sleeve fits like a glove

Published 20th July, 2012 by Neil Nixon

G60 sleeve fits like a glove

Kimberly-Clark Professional has launched a protective sleeve concept that provides workers in industrial environments with high levels of safety.

The new Jackson Safety G60 Level 5 Cut Resistant Sleeves with Dyneema fibre feature a unique modular design that ensures total connectivity between sleeve and protective glove, safeguarding the wearer against injuries that can occur in engineering applications.

Kimberly-Clark Professional developed the patent-pending sleeve after customer feedback indicated that there was a lack of connectivity between conventional sleeves and gloves. This meant the sleeves often rode up, leaving a gap and exposing workers to the risk of lacerations and abrasions to the wrist. In addition, sleeves often slipped down the arm - this has been overcome by the inclusion of an adjustable upper arm fixing.

The new G60 sleeve incorporates a hook and loop system that attaches easily to the cuff of any type of protective glove, keeping the sleeve in position. By ensuring the glove and sleeve stay connected at all times, the G60 sleeve helps to reduce accidents, which in turn results in greater productivity. The attachment system allows for quick detachment in the case of emergencies.

Marc Southon, product category manager for Jackson Safety, said: “With conventional sleeves, our customers were observing a gapping between the end of the sleeve and the cuff of the glove. It was also common to see the sleeve slipping down the forearm. These factors were increasing the risk of lacerations to the wrist and upper arm, resulting recordable injuries. Our solution, a hook and loop system that simply attaches to the cuff of the glove, is a highly effective way of keeping the sleeve comfortably in position at the upper arm.”

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