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Free trial of FoneLogic

Published 16th March, 2010 by Neil Nixon

Free trial of FoneLogic

Time Attend, the staff attendance monitoring system, has announced a 30-day free trial of FoneLogik, one of a suite of products from TimeAttend designed specifically to monitor staff time attendance across multiple remote sites, reducing costs and management time.

FoneLogik can be used on any telephone at a site. Staff simply call the allocated phone number and are prompted to enter their unique pin code to clock in or out. The system also delivers voice messaging services and lone worker alerts. Time and attendance information is relayed to TimeAttend’s secure reporting website. Hosted by TimeAttend, the service is accessible 24/7 365 days a year from anywhere in the world.

The TimeAttend website reporting interface incorporates TimeAttend’s latest software, Version 4.0, featuring a host of expanded tools including site management, staff management, reporting, shift rostering and payroll, bringing increased visibility and flexibility.

Version 4.0 brings new and improved reporting interfaces allowing fast generation and export of time and attendance reports. Reports can be created on individuals, groups, sites or regions, by week, month or between two dates of your choosing. Completely bespoke reports can also be created specifically for your company’s requirements and loaded into your interface for future use. Reports can be automatically emailed so that designated management staff can, for example, have a full report in their inbox for review on a Monday morning.

TimeAttend Version 4.0 can be tailored to integrate seamlessly into existing business management software, such as SAP. Custom data feeds can be created to automatically transport time and attendance information seamlessly, into any existing payroll and accountancy systems to complete the solution.
To register for your 30 day free trial of FoneLogik visit .

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