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Fosse Shopping Park reappoints Regent

Published 2nd December, 2013 by Neil Nixon

Fosse Shopping Park reappoints Regent

Leicester retail destination, Fosse Shopping Park, has reappointed Regent Samsic to provide its cleaning and security services. The two-year term cleaning and security contract, with a one-year extension option, also includes maintenance and park presentation services for the 37-acre site.

All shops and food outlets, together with a communal eating area, are situated on the ground floor making access easier for shoppers. Free parking for over 2500 cars helps make this one of the most popular and successful retail parks in the country.

Incumbent service providers at the park since 2010, Regent Samsic's round-the-clock security operations comprise CCTV monitoring, patrolling common areas, and park perimeter security, in addition to supporting in-store security personnel involving nine Regent Security officers, two supervisors and a manager. There are also periodic joint undercover operations with the stores on site to control shoplifting which is having a significant effect on reducing crime and theft. Out of hours security is firmly backed up by Regent Security mobile patrols.

Working very closely with the police liaison officer and the local police force, the security team is regularly updated on any suspicious personnel operating in the area.

10 housekeeping personnel from Regent's cleaning division, overseen by three team leaders and one manager, are working throughout the week in Fosse Shopping Park's food court, toilets, and circulation areas in addition to providing two daily spot cleaning shifts.

The management team consistently reviews efficiency levels, bringing on board innovative ideas and ways to ensure maximum productivity of the housekeeping team. A Regent maintenance team operating Monday-Friday with 24/7 callout employs two technical personnel and a supervisor working day-to-day requirements, backed up by selected and approved service partners for any specialist work.

Regent also manages the park presentation team, with three operatives plus a supervisor 363 days per year, seven days a week, on a rolling shift.

"Training our teams is a vital part of the Regent culture and several courses have been completed by the team on site including NVQ level 2 in customer service, fire awareness, NVQ in occupational health and safety, prevention and control of infection, first aid and more," said Regent joint managing director, Jonathan King. "The team operating at Fosse Park has fully integrated into their culture and we are proud of the long-standing working partnership that Regent and Fosse Shopping Park now enjoy."

"Choosing the right bundled soft services provider that fits into our culture and ethos is extremely important to me and the welfare of Fosse Shopping Park," said centre manager, Adrian Young. "Our aim is always to provide a shopping experience that is highly enjoyable, clean, safe and secure from the moment anyone walks in to the moment they leave. Regent has the flexible, can-do mentality and insight to fully understand and buy in to my vision for the present and future of the park. Regent also understands that best value and not just best price are keys to achieving a high level of service delivery.&quoquot;

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