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Food industry disinfection and safety

Published 21st July, 2016 by Neil Nixon

Food industry disinfection and safety

Ozo Innovations has launched the elocube to enable commercial kitchens and food processing companies to generate a powerful disinfectant onsite. The elocube uses patented technology to transform food grade salt and water into a powerful solution that removes fat and kills the pathogens associated with food poisoning. The elocube allows new cleaning approaches which do not rely on hot water and caustic chemicals.

Tests undertaken by a leading UK food industry organisation show that the elocube's solution is a very effective disinfectant and cleaner which is also non-tainting to food. The potent, pH neutral solution removes fat deposited on grease traps and cooking utensils at room temperature.

A series of independent laboratory tests to determine the disinfection efficacy showed that the elocube solution killed 99.99% of Listeria, Salmonella and E. coli and inactivated the winter vomiting virus (norovirus). The disinfectant is effective in both clean and dirty test conditions. With elocube, restaurants can have confidence in their cleaning and disinfection processes.

“Achieving the highest standards of hygiene and food safety is business critical for our customers,” said Rowan Gardner, CEO of Ozo Innovations Ltd. “The newly launched elocube offers a simple, efficient, and safe way to maintain hygienic and clean food preparation environments every single day.”

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