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Food contact clearance for cleaning cloth

Published 7th April, 2015 by Neil Nixon

Food contact clearance for cleaning cloth

Chicopee has developed DuraDry that it claims to be the only microfibre cloth on the market that offers food contact clearance as well as antibacterial properties. Designed specifically for the food services sector, it is safe to use in all food preparation areas and will not transfer contaminants, even when it comes in direct contact with food. In addition, DuraDry's antibacterial properties significantly restrict bacterial growth.

Food residues can be easily picked up thanks to DuraDry's unique splittable fibre construction, which provides a larger cleaning surface area. DuraDry offers a dry-at-once, streak-free clean so is suited for use on stainless steel, glass or mirrors - just rinse, wipe and hang to dry. What's more, the cloth can be washed up to 365 times at 90Ëš and still retain its cleaning capabilities and hygienic performance.

Martijn Gerards, market sales manager at Chicopee, said: “DuraDry outperforms the competition in cleaning performance, hygiene and cost. No other cloth can claim excellence in all these three areas. This is the most effective and complete cloth we have ever created, offering any kitchen or food processing manufacturer a fast, streak-free and hygienic clean at an affordable price.”

DuraDry fulfils HACCP standards for safe cleaning and comes in a colour-coded range for cleaning designated areas. It has been awarded Food Contact Clearance by a leading German test institute.

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