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Flush-wiser supports Loo of the Year Awards 2009

Published 9th June, 2009 by Neil Nixon

Flush-wiser supports Loo of the Year Awards 2009

PHS Washrooms has announced that its WC flush-control device, Flush-wiser, is supporting this year’s Loo of the Year Awards (LOYA).

Flush-wiser saves up to a third of the water used, every time a WC is flushed. The clever gadget was PHS’ natural choice to support this years LOYA awards as it is already helping many businesses and organisations to reduce WC water usage and reap the financial benefits of doing so. In many cases, Flush-wiser is being used not only to reduce water and sewerage costs, but also to help achieve sustainability targets.

Mike Bone, managing director of Loo of the Year Awards, said: “We are delighted to have 'Flush-wiser from PHS Washrooms' on board as a Loo of the Year Awards Supporter for 2009. As one of the UK’s leading washroom services providers, PHS' presence as an award supporter will aid us in our drive to raise the profile of these awards and the raise the standards of away-from-home toilets.”

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