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Floor protector 'makes stripping a thing of the past'

Published 26th July, 2013 by Neil Nixon

Floor protector 'makes stripping a thing of the past'

Cleaning and protecting vinyl flooring has, according to 3M, just become a lot faster and more affordable with the launch of its Scotchgard Resilient Floor Protector. Not only is it claimed to be much quicker to apply than traditional acrylic floor coatings, it doesn't require stripping, reducing labour costs and improving productivity, without compromising standards.

“Maintaining vinyl floors with acrylic protectors is incredibly labour intensive,” said 3M general manager, James Gravestock. “It requires four or more coats to achieve the desired protection and needs to be stripped at regular intervals - a messy and time-consuming business. Until now, the only way many premises could cut their costs was to strip less frequently or not at all - with a direct impact on floor cleanliness and company image.”

Scotchgard Resilient Floor Protector is scientifically formulated by 3M to keep floors looking their best with less maintenance and fewer chemicals. It uses multiple polymer technologies to produce a hard, even surface that is resistant to scratches, stains and scuff marks. Just two coats of the non-yellowing, low-odour formulation produce a clean, glossy surface that's up to twice as resistant to abrasion as traditional floor finish when tested under laboratory conditions.

The floor protector dries much more quickly too, significantly reducing operational downtime. And it's easy to spot repair, with clear implications for ongoing maintenance costs.

Unlike conventional acrylic floor treatments, which expose operators to potentially harmful stripping chemicals, Scotchgard Resilient Floor Protector can be removed by simple scrubbing. The use of a single refresher coat maintains protection and ensures the coating thickness is not built up over time, entrapping hard-to-remove dirt.

Scotchgard Resilient Floor Protector is suitable for use on multiple substrates, including VCT, vinyl tile, luxury vinyl tile, linoleum and asphalt tile floors. Thanks to its high water and salt resistance, it is also robust over a wide-range of environmental conditions.

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