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Five star award for green credentials

Published 2nd May, 2014 by Neil Nixon

Five star award for green credentials

A cleaning company in Telford has been honoured for its green credentials and the way it has cut carbon emissions over the past year. Cleveland Cleaning Ltd, based in Madeley, has been handed a nationally recognised five star Green Achievers Award.

The company, which employs more than 40 people, has cut the number of vans in use from three down to one, altered the way it delivers supplies, increased the number of products it recycles, changed the type of computers used, and switched to energy efficient lightbulbs.

Owner of Cleveland Cleaning, Marie McCreadie, said: “With the help of Green Achievers last year we identified a lot of ways we could adapt our company in order to cut the carbon footprint and make a difference to the environment. It is something we have always been interested in and in reality I was quite surprised at how easy it was to make those changes which make a big difference. We have changed the chemicals we use to clean and the way we travel, we make deliveries once a month now instead of every week.”

McCreadie now always suggests that people walk or cycle to the office if they need to go in for a meeting. She said she wants to continue making improvements in order to get a gold award next time the company is assessed.

Green Achievers, based in Shrewsbury, offers environmental accreditation to businesses across the UK. Hannah Coles, from the company, said: “Cleveland Cleaning has made impressive efforts to reach a 5 star rating by following our guidance and changing the way it operates accordingly. To reach this level of environmental responsibility, it was initially advised to increase the number of waste streams it recycles to more than just the straightforward paper, card, tins and plastic. Cleveland Cleaning met this target by adding ink cartridges, electrical items, food waste, stamps and scrap metal to its list of recycled materials. It has also made efforts to install energy efficient lightbulbs and has switched to using laptops in place of energy-guzzling desktops. To top this off, the company also developed a purchasing policy which takes life cycle impacts into account. Cleveland Cleaning is leading the way by making the move to a more sustainable way of operating and hopefully its example will encourage other businesses to join in and reap the rewards of being green.”

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