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Filtering - not masking - bad odours

Published 13th November, 2014 by Neil Nixon

Filtering - not masking - bad odours

A new UK manufactured air filtration and fragrance system called ECOBreeze that filters out bad smells, rather than masking them, is now available.

ECOBreeze is claimed to be the first air care product that has a triple action system. First, it draws air through a dust filter to remove all airborne dust particulate; air is then directed through a sophisticated carbon filter to extract smelly organic molecules; and finally the clean air passes over a wicking system that releases a fragrance, leaving the air clean, fresh and fragrant. Its attractive design makes it is suitable for all areas in all commercial premises.

Kathleen Porter, managing director of ECOBreeze, said: “During 20 years in the cleaning and FM sector I had continuous complaints from customers dissatisfied with air fresheners as they were only masking smells. I have spent seven years developing and extensively testing ECOBreeze. It has a UK patent and the unit is currently in major retail outlets, sports grounds, schools, offices, and leisure parks.”

ECOBreeze also has strong environmental credentials. It does not produce ozone, and does not leave irritants in the air or utilise aerosols canisters or batteries. ECOBreeze has a washable dust filter, recyclable fragrance container, and non-hazardous carbon filter. The unit and its consumables meet all the required UK regulatory standards.

Bunzl is the first ECOBreeze national distributor and currently other regional and specialist distributors are being appointed.

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