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Expanded contract with Stagecoach secured

Published 4th March, 2019 by Neil Nixon

Expanded contract with Stagecoach secured

Cordant Cleaning has secured a contract renewal with bus operator Stagecoach to provide cleaning, shunting and fuelling services at 10 depots across London. The new deal will also incorporate an 11th depot in Guilford, which means that Cordant will branch out of London into a new regional operating company, Stagecoach South.

Since 2010, Cordant has delivered a range of solutions at the 10 depots including vehicle cleaning and shunting, engineering and admin premises cleaning, fuelling, oiling, and fluid level checks and changes. Since holding the contract, Cordant has earned praise for funding and building a web-based reporting portal to efficiently manage communications and operations, as well as eliminating paperwork. In addition, a staff incentive scheme was jointly launched by Cordant and Stagecoach to the value of £12,000 per annum, rewarding employees for exceptional results in mystery traveller surveys.

As a result of the updated agreement, the Guilford-based personnel will transfer to Cordant under TUPE, which will bring the total number of staff working on the contract to over 250. By adding an 11th depot, the latest deal now covers in excess of 1300 vehicles.

Chris Remnant, engineering director at Stagecoach, said: “Over the last nine years Cordant Cleaning has continuously improved and developed its service offering to meet our evolving requirements. This is a long-standing relationship built on trust and like-minded values, and we are excited to extend the partnership.”

Guy Pakenham, managing director at Cordant Cleaning, said: “This highly important renewal signifies our commitment to excellence and our ability to consistently deliver world class cleaning services over a prolonged period. We are very proud to be re-awarded this contract, as well as taking on cleaning duties at Guilford. This is a fantastic achievement and I congratulate my team on their hard work.”

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