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eSack gets stronger

Published 4th August, 2015 by Neil Nixon

eSack gets stronger

Polaris Plastics took to the road during April and May to launch its new eSack range. Customer feedback continues to be positive, already calling for an extension to the range in the form of a heavier duty refuse sack in black and clear.

Paul Wilkes, business development director at Polaris Plastics, said: “Every customer who has seen eSack has been extremely positive. They really grasped the benefits of the new concept, recognising the way it can help them 'dispense with the mess'. The addition so quickly of the heavier duty option to the range of sacks available with the system is entirely by customer demand!”

Refuse sacks now available within the eSack range are CHSA accredited light, medium and heavy duty as well as pedal and swing bin liners.

The eSack range has been designed with both the environment and efficiency at the forefront. With a wall mounted fixed dispenser and a portable integrated dispenser in the range, eSack is making the messy flat packed systems that have dominated the market for the past 30 years a thing of the past. The CHSA accredited sacks are non-gusseted and leak proof, meaning they are very hygienic. The large capacity rolls minimise the time spent refilling the dispenser. As well as being a very hygienic and efficient system, eSack has strong environmental credentials. The sacks are made from 100% recycled polythene and the packaging and portable dispensing systems from 100% recycled cardboard.

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