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Envirobin assists airport cleanliness

Published 3rd May, 2013 by Neil Nixon

Envirobin assists airport cleanliness

Leafield Environmental, designer and manufacturer of recycling bins, has developed a new bin array, reported to be ideal for 'segregation at source' recycling in airports, shopping malls and similar environments.

Designed in a modular style to accommodate three, four or five individual waste streams, the new Constellation Envirobin has a large capacity. It is constructed in powder coated mild steel or stainless steel and has individual WRAP colour compliant plastic lids with custom apertures, set into the flat top. Large, WRAP compliant labels, with self-explanatory graphics, ensure users are aware of where to deposit the recyclate or discarded items.

Each collection compartment has its own lockable access door in the front, allowing the Constellation Envirobin to be sited against a wall. Inside each compartment, waste is collected in a substantial 100 litre rotationally moulded plastic liner which has a forward facing handle making it easy to slide in and out when emptying.

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