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Entrance matting is engineered to work harder and last longer

Published 2nd May, 2014 by Neil Nixon

Entrance matting is engineered to work harder and last longer

3M has launched the new Nomad Optima+ entrance matting - a solution so hard-working and durable that it comes with a five year performance guarantee.

Precision-engineered for extreme traffic conditions, Nomad Optima+ entrance matting is constructed from hardwearing aluminium profiles, in-filled with 3M Nomad Aqua Series 85 textile or rubber. Unlike traditional entrance matting, which allows dirt and moisture to sit on the surface and be tracked into the building, 3M's innovative dual-fibre loop system simultaneously scrapes off dirt and absorbs moisture from the soles of shoes, retaining it within the mat's structure. The benefits can be measured in reduced cleaning costs, less floor damage, and fewer slips, trips and potential compensation claims.

Nomad Optima+ entrance matting is available with open or closed mat construction, and a choice of rail heights for interior recessed well applications. A third option - Nomad Optima Slim entrance matting - allows building owners to combine the performance advantages of aluminium-framed entrance matting with the convenience of a drop-down mat and is ideal for retrofitting and the refurbishment of entrances that do not have recessed wells.

Designed for use in shopping centres, airports, hotels and other heavy traffic areas, Nomad Optima+ combines durability with ease of handling, making it easy to install and maintain.

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