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Ensuring high service levels and safety at Foyleside

Published 8th February, 2018 by Neil Nixon

Ensuring high service levels and safety at Foyleside

Foyleside Shopping Centre, the premier shopping destination in the north west of Ireland, has adopted workforce management tool SmartTask to ensure high levels of public safety and to meet its duty of care commitments. Derry-based PWP Complete Maintenance has rolled out the software solution to monitor onsite cleaning and maintenance, while enabling staff members to quickly report any spills, hazards or other safety concerns at the retail development.

SmartTask has replaced a previous system that was no longer meeting the needs of Foyleside Shopping Centre and PWP Complete Maintenance in terms of reliability and accuracy. Following a successful trial period, the cloud-based SmartTask was selected as the preferred workforce management option. This was based on its ability provide complete visibility of all FM activity in internal and external public areas, as well as peace of mind that any safety issues are being resolved in a fast and efficient manner.

Cleaners and engineers are now using SmartTask-enabled mobile devices to scan more than 700 RFID tags located around the shopping centre when work has been completed or checks undertaken. In addition, SmartForm functionality allows employees to quickly complete and submit electronic forms, including photographic evidence, to report any problems. PWP Complete Maintenance’s onsite control room uses SmartTask to monitor all activity, ensuring that contracted levels of service are achieved and any raised alerts are responded to.

Emmett Page from PWP Complete Maintenance said: “We needed a workforce management solution that guaranteed high levels of reliability to avoid any issues with data loss. If we are unable to prove that work took place or actions were taken to resolve a safety issue, it potentially increases liability in the event of an accident. Foyleside Shopping Centre is committed to protecting all visitors, so it’s a priority that the retail site is managed in the most responsible way possible. SmartTask has given us the added visibility and control we needed.”

Paul Ridden, CEO of SmartTask, said: “An increasing number of security, cleaning and FM operations are using our proven software solution to performance manage staff, improve employee accountability and enhance incident reporting. This is helping them to achieve reliable, efficient and high quality service delivery through improved communications, increased management control and added transparency.”

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