Electric truck assists street cleansing team

Electric truck assists street cleansing team

Street cleaning teams in Bristol are improving productivity after investing in an all-electric truck.

The Bristol Waste Company purchased an Alke ATX 200E utility truck from ePower Trucks, one of the UK’s leading independent suppliers of electric vehicles. It replaces a 10-year-old petrol-powered vehicle.

The electric truck is predominantly used by the company’s street cleansing team to empty bins in pedestrianised areas of the city. Iain Fortune, fleet manager for Bristol Waste Company, said: “We wanted an electric vehicle that had a modern look and feel to it, had excellent carrying capacity and was efficient to run. The Alke utility truck was the only vehicle we looked at that met all of our criteria. As a battery-powered vehicle it is very economical to run and a lot less noisy than the previous petrol-powered truck we had.”


Visit: http://www.epowertrucks.co.uk
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