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Effective media skills training from Asset Skills

Published 15th October, 2014 by Neil Nixon

Effective media skills training from Asset Skills

Asset Skills Training has launched its Effective Media Training course, led by UK media skills training expert Chris Kelly. During his career in radio, TV and print media, Kelly frequently witnessed the difficulties individuals and organisations experience when presenting their stories or news to the media. As a news editor, he discovered that these same individuals or companies struggled to respond effectively when faced with negative questions or uncomfortable situations during the interview process.

Together with Asset Skills Training, Chris Kelly will deliver the Effective Media Training course, which helps candidates confidently respond to the media and covers:

• How to make front page positive news.
• Seven strategies to help you keep control in any crisis.
• Sure-fire personal and professional delivery and appearance tips for radio and camera exposure.
• How to emerge positively from tricky situations - survival tactics for how to respond to 12 key reporters' tricks frequently used to confuse, embarrass or grill the candidate.
• Confidence building through real life interview skills practice in a variety of scenarios to engender skill and flair in subsequent media encounters.

Julie Freemantle, head of Asset Skills Training, said: “We are expanding our course portfolio and recognise that those working in housing, facilities management, property or cleaning should be prepared to respond to a crisis, but also to an interview situation or Q&A session.”

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