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Economical paper cup recycling

Published 7th August, 2018 by Neil Nixon

Economical paper cup recycling

Leafield’s Envirocup XL cup bin is helping make the recycling of single use, paper coffee cups an economical proposition.

We now know that all single use coffee cups can be recycled, including the ones with plastic liners. The real problems arise in getting users to dispose of these cups thoughtfully and in finding an economical way to collect and transport the empty cups to the recycler.

Empty coffee cups are bulky, and a leading recycling company suggests that only some 100 loose coffee cups will fit into a standard waste sack. The Leafield Envirocup XL Bin has a cleverly designed internal fitting that nests the cups in pretty much the same way as when they were delivered new, one inside the next. In this way, 500 cups can fit in a standard waste sack… a five-fold increase in efficiency and a five-fold reduction in lifting costs.

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