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EcoMulti dilution system launched

Published 27th October, 2015 by Neil Nixon

EcoMulti dilution system launched

Building on the success of the popular Eco range of chemical dilution systems, Brightwell Dispensers has expanded its product offering and developed EcoMulti, which offers a cost-effective way of diluting up to four chemicals from one dispenser.

“We recognised the emerging demand for dispensing solutions that can dilute multiple chemicals from the same system,” said Matthew Dwelly, general manager of Brightwell Dispensers. “Therefore, using our patented technologies and the latest in innovative design, we have developed the EcoMulti packed with features that not only meet your needs as a provider, but also the needs of your customers too.”

Recognising that consistent and precise dilution is a top priority for all, Brightwell Dispensers created all proportioners in the range with its patented dilution pin technology. The wheel design eliminates the need for cumbersome metering tips which can be easily mislaid, and enables installers to calibrate up to 12 independent dilution ratios per chemical outlet.

EcoMulti is a flexible system which enables a multitude of installation options. Chemical cabinets can be affixed to either side of the dispenser, with an alternative option of drawing chemical from hanging brackets. Accessories like these promote health and safety in the workplace as they securely lock away concentrates, thus minimising risk of tampering and contact with hazardous chemicals. Other accessories include multi-lingual, colour-coded pictorial labels to aid correct chemical selection.

“We believe colour-coded cleaning systems are essential to help users simply identify correct chemical use and application,” continued Dwelly. “Without clear indicators, users may inadvertently select the wrong chemical, thus reducing the effectiveness of cleaning regimes across designated areas and surfaces. Pictorial labels, along with our precise dilution pin, ensure that each area is cleaned and sanitised to the highest cleaning standards.”

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