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Eco friendly hot foam weedkiller in action

Published 14th November, 2017 by Neil Nixon

Eco friendly hot foam weedkiller in action

Estate management specialist Burleys has become one of the first companies in the UK to use an environmentally friendly weedkiller which eliminates unwanted flora with super-heated foam.

Royal warrant holder Burleys, part of the wider TCL Group, is anticipating strong demand for its services after a successful pilot project with Lewes District Council.

The award winning system, Foamstream, developed by environmentally friendly weed control experts Weedingtech, uses a combination of hot water, steam and natural foam to ‘cook' weeds and kill them. The near boiling point natural foam, approved by the Soil Association, acts as a thermal blanket, keeping heat on the weed long enough to kill it. Some die within minutes, with others taking a day or two. A second application can eliminate taproots.

An unexpected bonus is that the foam can also eliminate graffiti and remove chewing gum from pavements.

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