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EasyShine elevates cleaning standards

Published 4th October, 2013 by Neil Nixon

EasyShine elevates cleaning standards

Using the very latest ultramicrofibre technology (with fibres 70% finer than conventional types) Vikan's EasyShine achieves cost-effective, long lasting cleaning results on glass and polished metal surfaces.

EasyShine is claimed to remove up to 99.9% of harmful bacteria as well as fingerprints, grease and dirt with just tap water. As EasyShine cleans down to a microscopic level, surfaces stay cleaner longer with no chemical residues.

EasyShine can be used on glass, mirrors, ceramics, plastic, laminates, stainless steel and other polished metal and glossy surfaces. EasyShine is easy to use. Simply spray the mop or cloth with water and clean the surface for a streak-free finish. The telescopic handle extends to a length of 80cm, allowing easy reach up to 2.5m. Cloths and mops come with Vikan's standard 500 wash and use guarantee.

Each EasyShine kit comprises a mop frame, five window mops, a short telescopic handle, five lustre cloths for detail work such as hand rails, and useful spray bottle.

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