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EasyCube ensures cleaning quality at Welle7

Published 27th June, 2017 by Neil Nixon

EasyCube ensures cleaning quality at Welle7

When Welle7, an urban concept centre and main railway station in Bern offering entertainment, shopping, business and education opened in 2016, the challenge to keep the facility clean and well maintained seemed insurmountable. Faced with the task of ensuring the best quality in cleaning standards, Welle7 decided to implement the digital cleaning management tool, Tork EasyCube. The result? Despite washroom visitor numbers having increased by 42% between August and November 2016, the time spent with empty dispensers reduced by 68%.

Up to 60,000 commuters leave the main railway station in Switzerland's capital Bern every day through the West exit ‘Welle’. "With Welle7, we created an urban concept centre new to Switzerland,” said Lukas von Känel, site manager at Migros Aare, responsible for Welle7. “Both during construction and furnishing, we deliberately opted for the latest in technology and have launched pilot projects in several areas. The use of the digital cleaning service Tork EasyCube is a pilot project here in Bern."

Tork equipped the building with connected devices that collect data on refill levels and visitor numbers. This information is accessed at any time by cleaning staff and the facility manager at FARO Reinigungen AG using the Tork EasyCube application via computer, tablet or smartphone. With colour-coded alerts it is easy to see which washrooms need to be cleaned most urgently and which refills are needed where and in what quantity.

Luciana Cafaro, FARO site manager for Welle7, said: "Without Tork EasyCube, our job here at Welle7 could not be carried out as efficiently as is currently the case thanks to this system. Like all businesses, we are under pressure to save costs. Thanks to the system, we avoid unnecessary inspections because staff always know where they are needed. This saves us time and money and minimises stress."

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