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EasyCube 'boosts cleaning productivity by 60%'

Published 2nd February, 2017 by Neil Nixon

EasyCube 'boosts cleaning productivity by 60%'

Cleaners can improve their productivity by more than 60% when working in a Tork EasyCube connected facility, according to the company. And the fact that Tork EasyCube leads to better planning, more efficient management and fewer dispenser run-outs means it creates a better environment for both staff and customers.

In a recent pilot scheme, observational studies and interviews were carried out at a facility that received 20,000 visitors per week. After Tork EasyCube was installed there was an increase in cleaning activities of up to 62% which meant staff were more efficient and productive when connected dispensers were provided.

“Tork EasyCube paper and soap dispensers continuously transmit information about their supply levels to a connected cleaning app,” said brand manager, Amelia Baker. “This enables washroom maintenance staff to check the status of every ‘connected’ washroom dispenser via a smartphone or tablet. As a result, cleaning staff know in advance which supplies to bring on their trolleys and in what quantities. And this in turn reduces the number of visits they need to make to the stock cupboard which frees up more time to deal with other tasks.”

While Tork EasyCube is suitable for all types of businesses it works particularly well in large, spread-out environments that receive high or fluctuating levels of traffic such as amusement parks, tourist attractions and airports. For example, it is currently in place in Stockholm’s Grona Lund theme park which hosts around 1.5 million people each season. The move has resulted in increased efficiency, a more motivated workforce and better results in customer satisfaction surveys according to park support manager, Dragica Novacic.

Tork EasyCube has also been used to connect 300 washroom dispensers at a major sports complex in Umea, Sweden. Since being rolled out at the IKSU the system has eliminated customer complaints and helped the management team to make better, longer-term purchasing decisions.

“Tork EasyCube is a service for all forward-thinking facility management companies that are interested in a new and better way of working,” said Baker. “It’s a brilliant way to build on high levels of customer satisfaction while making operations far more efficient and cost-effective.”

Tork EasyCube can be tailored to suit individual businesses and has a messaging function that provides an effective way of communicating. Cleaning teams can stay in contact with their managers and each other, even when spread out over large distances.

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