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Easy Trap duster 'holds 6x more dirt'

Published 22nd October, 2013 by Neil Nixon

Easy Trap duster 'holds 6x more dirt'

Keeping buildings dust and dirt free is a constant and costly challenge for facilities managers and contract cleaners, which is why many are now choosing to use 3M Easy Trap Duster.

By trapping and removing up to six times more dust, dirt, grit and hair than traditional mops and other disposable dusting systems, the 3M Easy Trap Duster is designed to boost productivity and reduce labour costs, without compromising cleaning standards.

“Effective dust control is vital to keeping up company appearances and to maintaining a safe, hygienic workplace,” said Richard Jones, 3M market manager for floor and surface care. “It also helps to protect equipment from costly damage and can help improve overall air quality. 3M Easy Trap Duster is designed to trap and remove dust and dirt quickly and efficiently - unlike many traditional mops and dusters which unwittingly pass over the dirt, or simply move it around, with obvious implications for ongoing labour and material costs.”

The duster comprises a disposable non-woven, three dimensional web made from 3M proprietary fibres which trap and hold the dust and dirt without creating drag, thereby increasing productivity while reducing worker fatigue.

The 3M Easy Trap Duster is double-sided for longer lasting use. The disposable web can be attached to most cleaning tools and can be used on most horizontal surfaces and in wet environments. It also works with most high dusting tools to trap and remove dirt in hard-to-reach places.

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