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Easy to implement integrated quality auditing

Published 16th March, 2015 by Neil Nixon

Easy to implement integrated quality auditing

It goes without saying that the spread of mobile devices in cleaning has accelerated the move away from old-fashioned auditing systems, with many contractors now equipping their operations staff with tablet technology. When integrated with centralised back-office software, the ability to share quality KPIs with clients, along with other contract data, via a web portal now adds an extra dimension to client service.

To meet the demand for a simple, mobile-based system to manage these key services Templa has rolled out Templa CMS Service Point. This solution allows contractors to deliver improved client service with minimal implementation time and cost. The simplicity stems from the fact that comparatively little client data needs to be uploaded to support these fairly straightforward business functions.

Service Point is straightforward to configure using existing client, site and contract data. Britannia Group and Maxim FM are two companies who have already latched on to the client service benefits of the system. Rick Stoor, Templa's MD, said: “It's great to be partnering two companies who see the client service benefits of cleaning software as being just as important as the admin savings. The industry is gradually accepting that software can help drive client satisfaction and prolong client relationships.”

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