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Easy, effective carpet maintenance

Published 28th April, 2014 by Neil Nixon

Easy, effective carpet maintenance

Carpets and soft furnishings are a great way for businesses to present themselves in a warm and welcoming way, but if they're not maintained correctly they can quickly start to look shabby and unhygienic. Vax Commercial is an expert in caring for carpets and upholstery, with easy to use vacuums, washers and detergents that can help keep them clean and fresh, with the minimum of hassle.

Regular vacuuming to remove surface dirt and dust is recommended for all types of upholstered surface including carpets, rugs, chair seats, cushions and curtains. However, surfaces that get a lot of wear and tear, particularly carpets and rugs that are walked on with shoes, will need extra attention to remove unsightly spots and stains, and the embedded dirt that vacuuming leaves behind.

“That's where our carpet washers come in, as they're designed to remove stains and trapped dirt that can flatten and damage carpet fibres,” said Vax Commercial's senior product manager, Brian Davis. “Washing regularly with an extraction machine and specialist detergent is actually one of the best ways to prolong the life of carpets and avoid expensive replacement costs. That's because the dirt that gets onto your carpets gets ground deeper and deeper into the pile every time it's walked on, flattening and fraying the fibres. Even daily use of a dry vacuum cleaner won't remove this trapped dirt, which is why washing is so important for carpet maintenance. The action of pumping in cleaning solution and simultaneously extracting the dirty water helps lift and renew the pile, so it's soft and springy again.”

Davis continued: “Washing also helps maintain a hygienic environment in carpeted areas by eliminating bacteria, odours, dust mites, mould, pollen and other allergens. As all Vax Commercial's carpet washers can also be used to suck up spills and floods, they're ideal for quickly clearing up any accidents to prevent stains and odours from developing.”

While some commercial carpet washers are heavy and unwieldy, which can discourage regular use, Vax Commercial's range of compact machines are designed to be easy to transport, use and store. “Our VCW-05 spray extractor is easy to manoeuvre, has a powerful spray rate and 230AW of suction, so it deep cleans and sucks up spills with excellent drying times,” said Davis. “As it has separate solution and recovery tanks, the dirty water is never reused and it's quick and easy to fill, empty and maintain.”

For those that prefer an upright carpet washer, Vax Commercial's VCW-04 has powerful extraction and heat-assisted cleaning, so drying times are kept to a minimum. “Providing these advanced deep cleaning and quick drying technologies at such a competitive price point makes the VCW-04 unique in the market. Or if your storage space is limited, our lightweight VCW-02 compact spot washer fits in the smallest of cleaning cupboards and is perfect for sucking up accidental spills or treating stubborn stains.”

Designed for use in all their carpet washers, Vax Commercial's low foaming carpet cleaning detergent has a super strength formulation that powers through high traffic areas, removes grease and dirt and lifts stubborn stains. This Woolsafe approved detergent also eliminates odours, with a spring fresh fragrance that ensures your carpet smells as clean as it looks.

A leading brand from one of the world's largest floorcare manufacturers, Vax Commercial's range of floorcare products also includes robust tub and upright vacuum cleaners, steam cleaners, scrubber dryers and floor sweepers. Vax Commercial's after sales support includes a full account management service including free product demonstrations and training, plus a UK based helpline.

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