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e-book helps introduce GPS fleet tracking

Published 29th April, 2015 by Neil Nixon

e-book helps introduce GPS fleet tracking

Getting company vehicle drivers on board with the implementation of a new GPS fleet tracking system is not always a smooth ride. That's why Fleetmatics has launched a new e-book which breaks down the introduction process into five easy steps.

Freely available online at, the e-book explains how sharing your plans with employees can be key to successfully introducing the new system. Initial resistance by a workforce can be driven by misconceptions as some employees can be unfamiliar with the technology and its purpose. As suggested in the guide, careful communication can facilitate the introduction process. Once staff understand how the implemented change can help support a successful and sustainable future for the company and for them, they will be more likely to support it.

Richard Brooks, Fleetmatics marketing director for Europe, said: “Openness and honesty can help cement the mutual understanding required to reap the full benefits of the system. With the support of the guidelines provided in this e-book, managers can help employees understand the benefits of the new system and encourage them to see the installation as an improvement, not an obstacle.”

To download your free copy of the e-book 'Introducing GPS to staff' please visit:

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