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Dry extraction cleans grouted and textured floors

Published 25th April, 2014 by Neil Nixon

Dry extraction cleans grouted and textured floors

As any cleaning or facilities manager will tell you, cleaning and maintaining the appearance of grouted and textured hard flooring can be a real challenge and whilst more and more people are becoming aware of the effectiveness of Host von Schrader's dry extraction carpet cleaning system in keeping carpet looking its best many do not realise that the very same system is ideal for cleaning grouted and textured flooring as well.

In entrance halls, kitchens, bath and shower rooms, grout - a highly porous material - absorbs dirt and grease at an alarmingly fast rate. Michael Egerton, managing director of Host Von Schrader, said: “Grout maintenance is normally a very labour intensive task. The very nature of the material is highly absorbent, not only absorbing both dirt and grease from everyday wear and tear but also the liquids used for cleaning floors makes the removal of any dirt absorbed by the grout very difficult and, after cleaning, dissolved dirt will often wick back to the surface of the grout making it look dirty again. However, working on the same principle and using the same range of machines as used in our Host dry extraction carpet cleaning system, grouted and textured floors can be quickly and successfully cleaned and, most importantly, for heavy trafficked public access environments such as hotel entrances, toilets and restrooms, they are ready for use again minutes after cleaning.”

The Host Liberator and Freestyle ExtractorVac machines can both be fitted with specially designed Host red grout brushes (please note that these brushes are for grout cleaning only and should not be used on carpeted surfaces). Pre-vacuum the surface with either machine and then apply the Host dry carpet cleaning sponges, to an area of no more than 500 sq ft at one time, about a handful per square yard. Brush with the host machine of your choice as you would on a carpet moving the machine 'north and south' and then 'east and west' - the more brushing you do the better the results. Next simply vacuum up the dirty Host sponges and the grout will be clean and virtually dry. Any residual moisture will quickly have evaporated and the grouting will be dry, clean and ready for use.

Compared to other and more traditional methods of cleaning grouted and textured flooring, the Host System has a number of important advantages. The most important being that efficient dry cleaning of tiled or slippery surfaces is always better than wet cleaning, from a safety point of view as well as a health and environmental point of view. Dry not wet cleaning is the mantra now for cleaning in hospitals, schools or in any environment with sensitive or heavy public access - hotels, public toilets, kitchens, schools, offices and retail outlets.

One system and one machine can easily and quickly solve the problems associated with the safe and effective cleaning of all textured flooring from ceramic tiling, granite and brick flooring through to slate, limestone, vinyl tiling - and, of course, carpets.

Mike Egerton continued: “Like many other solutions to everyday cleaning problems it is simply a matter of using the right product for the right job. Tiles and hard flooring can often become slippery and dangerous when wet, in environments such as hospitals and schools the wet floors can also often harbour bacteria - dry extraction cleaning can help eliminate these problems as well as through the use of our specially designed Host brushes help cleaners tackle what has, for years, been a very labour intensive and often impossible task.”

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