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Driving sustainability at Maynooth University

Published 29th April, 2015 by Neil Nixon

Driving sustainability at Maynooth University

Collections of cardboard for recycling at Maynooth University in Ireland, and the movement of cleaning supplies around the site, are now being made by a fully electric van, in line with the institution's commitment to being a 'green campus'. Grosvenor Services has been a long term partner of Maynooth University, providing facility services which include daily cleaning and waste stream segregation and management.

Through the relationship with Maynooth University, Grosvenor Services has supported the Green Campus Committee in raising recycling rates by introducing various initiatives. Several years ago the binless office was introduced to the university and brightly coloured containers were placed in corridors and central spaces to encourage separation of materials and to facilitate recycling. To date, this has raised recycling rates as well as saving time and money by making it simpler to collect and replace bins.

Grosvenor Services invested in the zero emissions electric vehicle to support Maynooth University's environmental policies. Using the low carbon vehicle, Grosvenor Service's staff collect the cardboard and bale it on site before its onward reprocessing. Bearing the Green Campus logo, the all-electric vehicle is a quiet but highly visible reminder - for the more than 10,000 students and staff on campus - of the university's drive for greater sustainability.

“Grosvenor Services is a trusted partner and shares the university's commitment to environmental responsibility,” said Colm Nelson, campus services officer at Maynooth University. “In addition to reducing emissions and fuel costs, the new electric van is a visual advertisement for recycling as it drives around campus. It underlines how seriously we take sustainability, and hopefully it will encourage people to recycle more.”

Bernard McCauley, group managing director at Grosvenor Services, added: “Investing in an electric vehicle for recycling collection was a natural step to support the university's Green Campus commitment while reducing the carbon impact of our operations. Understanding what is important to our clients epitomises the way we work and we will continue to work closely with Maynooth University to promote recycling and support its environmental policies.”

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