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Doors open on new Flint centre of excellence

Published 20th July, 2012 by Neil Nixon

Doors open on new Flint centre of excellence

Kimberly-Clark Professional has opened a new centre of excellence at its mill in Flint. The facility will be used as an internal and external learning hub, providing the company with the opportunity to train both new and existing staff, as well as distributor sales representatives.

The Flint centre of excellence is the fourth such site established by Kimberly-Clark Professional. Others have already opened in Koblenz in Germany, Nancy in France and the Russian capital Moscow.

Kimberly-Clark Professional’s Stephen Kerr said: “We rebuilt part of our Flint office specially to accommodate our new centre of excellence and we’re delighted with the results. It has a wonderful setting overlooking a beautiful lake, providing the perfect environment for professional development. Most importantly it is a great location to build stronger relationships with our fantastic staff and our highly-valued network of sales reps.”

At the core of the training modules offered at the facility is the ‘Exceptional Workplaces’ mission. This radical new approach is designed to transform the way Kimberly-Clark Professional serves its customers and covers everything from product development to how products are taken to market.

The Exceptional Workplaces strategy will be implemented via a series of platforms, such as the recently launched Healthy Workplace Project, which improves the general wellness and engagement of employees. Another key platform will be the Efficient Workplace, which is designed to help industrial customers increase productivity, reducing both costs and waste.

Stephen Kerr added: “In addition to these exciting platforms, our new Flint centre of excellence will also play a key role in helping us to promote our sustainability strategy, which continues to be a major priority for Kimberly-Clark Professional. As a company we are committed to building sustainability into every aspect of our business and the new centre of excellence will have an important part to play in helping us to deliver innovative, high-quality products made with respect for our planet’s resources and people.”

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