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Do you get enough run time?

Published 14th February, 2019 by Neil Nixon

Do you get enough run time?

“One of the biggest challenges facing cleaning companies is the productivity they achieve from their machines,” said Colin McCartney, national accounts manager for Ecobat Battery Technologies. “Due to the fact that they can be constantly called upon to clean spillages in supermarkets, for example, the very nature of the average cleaning machine means that it rarely has the opportunity to benefit from regimented charging. This really exposes the limitation of a typical gel monobloc battery, which sometimes only provides two or three hours of running time, while then requiring 12 hours to regain its full charge. With these facts in mind, it is little wonder that many operators are looking at lithium-ion batteries as the answer, but these too have a number of drawbacks that shouldn’t be overlooked if the ideal battery/charger solution is to be found.”

One of the advantages for cleaning businesses that utilise the knowledge and experience provided by Ecobat Industrial is its independence and ability to identify the most effective and efficient solutions.

The company recommends a recent advance in battery technology - Lead Crystal - which is a lead-based alternative to lithium-ion that delivers the comparable power and deep cycle capability with similar ‘real-world’ recharging periods, but at a significantly reduced cost. Matching the correct charger is as important as identifying the most appropriate battery for the application, particularly with a highly engineered product such as Lead Crystal, which is why Ecobat has also introduced a tailor-made charger to make up its Rapid Charge System.

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