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Do the Tango

Published 8th August, 2012 by Neil Nixon

Do the Tango

If you think the mop is irreplaceable, think again. The compact and agile Wetrok Discomatic Tango scrubber dryer - available from Premiere Products - slips through small and low places where others get stuck. It is claimed to be the only machine in its class to provide suction when moving backwards as well as forwards.

The Discomatic Tango scrubber dryer finally does away with all that fussing around with a bucket and mop. It is specially designed for cleaning small areas like wet rooms, consulting rooms, small kitchens, small storage rooms, or entrance and stairwell areas. With its low vertical clearance, the Discomatic Tango also reaches all those areas which can otherwise only be accessed with a mop. For example, it can reach under benches or other objects with parts arranged at low heights, like desks or counters, without causing undue disturbance.

The Tango's design combines compactness with high performance. It is among the smallest and lightest scrubber dryers on the market, despite having two circular brushes. The lightweight lithium-ion battery takes up hardly any room at all, but is a real powerhouse. It consistently delivers high performance, even when low, and has a long service life. Its connection system means it only takes a few steps to set up and shut down.

The Tango provides suction during both forward and backward movements. With suction apparatus at front and back, floors dry out almost as quickly as they are cleaned. Since cleaning is not interrupted and does not depend on the direction of movement, and with drying being so quick, the cleaning process is highly efficient. Compared with using a mop, the Discomatic Tango operator delivers significantly better cleaning performance per unit of time.

The Discomatic Tango is small, light and easy to operate. The flexible guide element with the water tank and control panel is continuously adjustable - even during cleaning. All it takes is a quick pull on the lever. The two water tanks can be removed at the push of a button when transporting the machine, so it easily fits into a car's luggage space.

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