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Disposable microfibre on a roll

Published 20th April, 2017 by Neil Nixon

Disposable microfibre on a roll

As one of the first companies - nearly 20 years ago - to introduce microfibre into its range of professional janitorial cleaning cloths and mops, Robert Scott & Sons Ltd has remained at the forefront in the development of the use of this deep cleaning fibre.

“The introduction of the Mi-Cloth and Mi-Roll disposable microfibre cloths is another demonstration of listening to customer demand and then providing the answer - in this case helping to solve the problem of cross contamination in care homes, hospitals, restaurants, and hotels,” said Alastair Scott, sales and marketing director. “The low unit price of both Mi-Cloth and Mi-Roll make them truly disposable and offer the cleaning properties of microfibre but without the need for regular laundering to remove dirt and grease. In short they are a highly effective cleaning cloth designed to be disposed of quickly and easily after use, preventing cross contamination and removing the need for costly laundry facilities and chemicals.”

Both Mi-Cloth and Mi-Roll are made from 100% low linting microfibre. They are strong, hardworking cloths able to be used with minimal amounts of water and, like all microfibre cloths, without the need for chemicals. These super soft cloths are suitable and strong enough for hypochlorite solutions and are colour coded to help avoid cross contamination issues.

Mi-Cloth comes in packs of 50 and the Mi-Roll contains 250 sheets which can be used in dispensers, stored and carried on trolleys, or kept on worktop surfaces.

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