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Disposable high level cleaning solution

Published 21st January, 2013 by Neil Nixon

Disposable high level cleaning solution

Vileda Professional has launched its MicroDispo Dustermop - a flexible and economical solution for cleaning all of those hard to reach areas. With a bendable frame and telescopic handle, the MicroDispo Dustermop gives cleaning professionals an easy to use solution that can be bent into position and is slim enough to fit into even the narrowest spaces, making cleaning behind radiators and pipes or on top of furniture and curtain rails as easy as mopping the floor.

“It's often the difficult to clean areas that become neglected,” said Karen Barker, marketing manager at Vileda Professional. “But with our new MicroDispo Dustermop nothing is too high, too tight, or too difficult to tackle.”

The Dustermop itself is made from 100% microfibre, which is proven to remove more dirt, bacteria and large particles such as hair than traditional dusters. It is also disposable, ideal for reducing cross contamination especially in hygiene critical areas and can be used in sites without laundry facilities.

The design of the high level Dustermop demonstrates Vileda Professional's commitment to producing high performance cleaning solutions that help to make cleaning easier - once the frame has been bent into position it will remain in shape until the user changes it. The frame can also be used with Vileda's durable Swep Duo Dustermop, which can be laundered.

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