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Dirty toilets put 97% of Brits off returning to restaurants

Published 31st January, 2018 by Neil Nixon

Dirty toilets put 97% of Brits off returning to restaurants

New research has revealed that people are put off eating in restaurants because of the poor standards of toilets. New data from research commissioned by Cannon Hygiene has revealed that Brits take the hygiene of toilets in bars, restaurants and other public places very seriously, with many taking extra steps to avoid germs.

Over 97% of people would be put off returning to a restaurant or bar because of poor toilets, according to the survey - polled by YouGov - and 85% will also warn friends and family members planning on going to a restaurant if the toilets are in a bad condition. The research revealed that more than three quarters (76%) of people would also be put off visiting a restaurant or bar because a friend or family member told them the toilets were in a poor state.

Howard Sedgwick, MD of Cannon Hygiene, said: “Many of us are conscious of the upkeep of restrooms in public places, particularly those where food is being prepared as it suggests a lot about the hygiene elsewhere in the building. Britons are clearly sticklers for good hygiene and the data suggests that a huge majority of us aren’t willing to put up with poor standards with many going above and beyond to warn friends, family and followers on social media when they’ve had a bad experience. It’s a warning to restaurants, bars, hotels and others in the retail and leisure sector that their repeat business can goes out of the window very quickly if customers are forced to use facilities that aren’t up to scratch.”

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