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Deb supports clean hands campaign

Published 10th June, 2013 by Neil Nixon

Deb supports clean hands campaign

The World Health Organisation (WHO) called for healthcare staff and managers across the world to focus on the importance of improving hand hygiene in hospitals through its 'Dave lives: clean your hands' campaign day on 5 May 2013.

For this annual event the WHO enlisted support from leading global suppliers of infection prevention solutions to participate in spreading the hand hygiene message. Deb Group, creators of the DebMed Group Monitoring System and a range of hand hygiene and sanitising products, was among the supporters for this global campaign.

“This one-day event calls to attention something that is imperative 365 days a year for healthcare staff - effective hand hygiene behaviour according to the 'WHO five moments of hand hygiene' recommendations,” said Phil Spark, Deb UK's marketing director. “The campaign aims to empower healthcare staff, patients and ultimately all hospital visitors with the knowledge that can help prevent healthcare-associated infections.”

The DebMed GMS electronically monitors healthcare workers' hand hygiene events and provides feedback on compliance rates in real-time. Spark concludes: “It provides an accurate, cost-effective solution for fighting HAIs and is the only electronic hand hygiene monitoring system that meets the WHO '5 Moments' recommendation.”

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