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Deb launches new website

Published 8th December, 2016 by Neil Nixon

Deb launches new website

Deb has launched a new website, bringing together all elements of the group's fight against occupational skin disorders and the spread of infections, which is in line with its mission to 'make hands matter in the workplace'. At, customers can find product details, share information, and learn about hand hygiene and skin care. Deb has also created a launch video to introduce the website.

“Occupational skin disorders and the spread of germs can affect both an organisation's efficiency and the health and well-being of its staff,” said Paul Jakeway, marketing director at Deb UK. “Our new website provides employers and employees with the information and resources they need to combat these threats.”

Every market sector requires its own hand hygiene and skin care programme. Based on years of experience and research, Deb has developed dedicated programmes for sectors including industrial, healthcare, hospitality and leisure, food, and education. They consist of three elements: essential products, vital information, and highest standards of behaviour.

To find the right information on Deb's new website, users simply need to select the market sector that best fits their requirements. An easy-to-use product selector leads to pages that provide detailed information about Deb's wide range of skin care products, including pre-work creams, cleansers, sanitisers, and restorative creams.

“In addition to the most expansive range of occupational skin care products available on the market, Deb provides employers and employees with training and supporting educational materials,” said Jakeway. “Many of these materials are easily accessible on our website.”

The website includes responsive design functionality, maximising the user experience whether using a smart phone, a tablet or a desktop computer. The Resources section provides downloads including videos, posters, signs, and brochures. Deb's blog features regular thought-leadership articles on hand hygiene, infection prevention, and food safety.

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