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Customers find 'easy handling' features convenient

Published 4th March, 2013 by Neil Nixon

Customers find 'easy handling' features convenient

The new easy-to-open function of Tork easy handling carry boxes is highly beneficial to maintenance staff, according to a new survey. Cleaning staff and facilities managers were polled in a Tork survey to discover which of the many benefits of the new Tork Easy Handling packaging system they found most useful.

Tork Easy Handling carry boxes have a perforated section that allows staff to open the box simply by pushing through a perforated tab and using the tear strip to open the carton. This function - which removes the need for hunting around for scissors, knives or other sharp tools which could also constitute a safety hazard - came out as the top benefit with 21% of the votes. One in five respondents felt that the ability to carry away up to 10 empty, flattened boxes at a time was particularly convenient. And the perforated, well-positioned carry handle either side of the box - which makes the product easier to carry - was applauded by 19%.

“A significant part of a cleaner or facilities manager's day is spent carrying, opening, emptying and disposing of product bags and boxes,” said SCA product and segment manager, Charlotte Branwhite. “Tork Easy Handling packaging is designed to make all such tasks easier. We pride ourselves on the fact that we have observed cleaners at work and applied what we have learnt in order to create packaging solutions that make working life easier for our customers.”

Tork carried out an observational study into the working life of cleaners that revealed that a substantial part of their work consisted of carrying unwieldy packages of supplies such as paper towels, toilet paper and other goods for long distances.

Tork Easy Handling packaging helps to save time spent on carrying around full product boxes and then disposing of them when empty. This leaves cleaning and janitorial staff more time to focus on other task while also helping to protect them from injuries caused by lifting and carrying heavy boxes. “Since labour can represent 70% of a cleaning company's costs, adding greater efficiency through our packaging system makes good sense from an economic point of view,” continued Branwhite.|

Besides the top three benefits of Tork Easy Handling packaging cited by customers, cleaning and janitorial staff also liked the integral handles of the Tork carry box which enabled them to carry two boxes at a time, one in each hand. And they were further impressed by the fact that the plastic packaging for the Tork carry pack could be crumpled up into a small volume, taking less space in bins.

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