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Customer experience is key

Published 28th June, 2016 by Neil Nixon

Customer experience is key

Futures Supplies has always appreciated the importance of providing an exceptional customer experience. Supplying quality products, backed up with the delivery of customer service excellence, has always been part of the company's ethos and continues to be key to the company's success.

The trend to research a company, as well as its products and services on-line, prior to purchasing, is now a well-established practice. Recognising this, and the need to continually innovate within its business operations, Futures Supplies has now linked up with independent feedback provider Feefo as an efficient means of gathering genuine customer feedback to continually improve its customer experience.

With a reputation for delivering genuine customer feedback, Feefo has established itself as the choice for consumer generated ratings and reviews for all manner of organisations around the globe, including key names in store retail, business service providers, and financial services. Feefo generates real reviews from real customers that have actually made a purchase, generating genuine insights and feedback that you can trust.

Marc Kemp, managing director of Futures Supplies, said: “Such a high percentage of buyers check reviews before making purchases these days that we felt it was critical to provide this facility to continue to build our customers' confidence in the products and services we provide. The ability to share reviews that demonstrate service and build trust, not just on our website but across social media platforms, helps our existing customers and potential new customers make a fully informed purchasing decision. Feefo provides the tools for us to continually improve our customer service offering, enabling us to focus attention where it's needed most.”

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