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CSSA responds to survey on hospital cleaning

Published 19th September, 2012 by Neil Nixon

CSSA responds to survey on hospital cleaning

The results of a survey conducted by the Nursing Times in which significant numbers of nurses reported that they had undertaken cleaning duties in the preceding months has recently been published.

Responding to the survey, Andrew Large, chief executive of the CSSA, said: “This survey gives some cause for concern. If 20% of nurses are saying that their NHS Trust is cutting back on cleaning then the risk of resurgence in infectious disease is clear. The UK has made great strides in the reduction of MRSA and C Diff since 2002 and it would be a tragedy if government cuts were to lead to a return to the bad old days. The CSSA calls for the NHS to follow the research evidence on hospital cleaning, which suggests that a dedicated cleaner on each ward is both an efficient and effective means of minimising the spread of infection.”

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