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CSSA frustrated by UKBA 'illegal migrant' revelations

Published 18th October, 2012 by Neil Nixon

CSSA frustrated by UKBA 'illegal migrant' revelations

The Daily Telegraph newspaper recently revealed that the UK Border Agency is giving up on attempts to locate some 80,000 illegal migrants to the UK for economic reasons. These cases are the remainder of the over 500,000 cases discovered at the Home Office in 2006. Of those, some 180,000 had been allowed to remain, because they had settled by the time their cases were considered.

Responding to these revelations, CSSA chief executive Andrew Large said: “I am greatly frustrated at this news, which seems to drive a coach and horses through UK policy on illegal working. How can legitimate employers be expected to police their workforce when the government itself has given up on the job? If an employer said that it was not worth checking the immigration status of its workforce it would be fined £10,000 per person who was not checked, why is the government not held to the same standards? Legitimate employers want to work with the government to reduce the incidence of illegal working to a minimum. This task is made all the more difficult when the government itself gives up on finding 80,000 potential illegal workers.”

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