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CSSA defends cleaning industry's record on the London living wage

Published 21st August, 2012 by Neil Nixon

CSSA defends cleaning industry's record on the London living wage

The Cleaning and Support Services Association (CSSA) contributed an article to the comment section of a recent edition of the Guardian newspaper which calls on all stakeholders in the cleaning industry to work together to achieve a living wage for cleaners.

Outlining the CSSA’s long-standing commitment to supporting the living wage, chief executive, Andrew Large, cites his organisation’s strong relationship with living wage founders London Citizens and details the efforts made by the cleaning industry to support better pay and conditions for cleaners. Large states that all parties - client, contractor and employee - need to work together to deliver the value and benefits of higher wages over time for the policy to be financially sustainable.

Responding to criticism that the cleaning industry has been making slow progress on the issue of pay for workers, Large cites progress made by the 100 businesses in London that have been accredited as living wage employers in the past 10 years. Large’s article also reacts to claims of widespread illegal practice within the industry, and restates the CSSA’s position that adherence to employment law as an absolute minimum requirement for all its members.

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