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Cromwell Polythene’s Litter Pick completed

Published 11th November, 2020 by Neil Nixon

Cromwell Polythene’s Litter Pick completed

Cromwell Polythene and its manufacturing and recycling division, CPR Manufacturing, have undertaken a voluntary litter pick for Keep Britain Tidy’s Great British September Clean. The socially distanced activity resulted in 185 items of litter, including miscellaneous pieces of all types of material being collected by two teams.

The team at the CPR Manufacturing site, based in Alfretron, Derbyshire, found 60 items, plus hundreds of cigarette butts and several pieces of paper, tyre, bolts, and screws in their nearby vicinity. In total eight bags of litter were collected, weighing 15kg. A variety of different types of material were collected by the three Cromwell teams, including hundreds of cigarette butts. Keep Britain Tidy’s litter survey 2019, commissioned by Defra, found that cigarette stubs are the most commonly littered item, accounting for 66% of all litter items dropped.

James Lee, managing director of Cromwell Polythene, said: “Protecting the environment is extremely important, and in the public’s efforts to do so, plastic has become the focus of attention. Our litter pick shows, and we continue to reiterate, that plastic itself is not the problem, but waste - of all types of material - is. We know that we all need to do more to act sustainably, but litter pollution is not just about plastics or inadequate infrastructure for recovery and recycling, moreover it’s about behaviour. People create litter and our sample survey shows that there is still room for improvement across local communities to show that we love where we live.”

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