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Cracking the code of faster, easier, more effective auditing and PPM

Published 10th December, 2015 by Neil Nixon

Cracking the code of faster, easier, more effective auditing and PPM

Cleaning and maintenance auditing can be a time-consuming task. Purcell Radio Systems were working with one of the many large NHS Trusts who rely on their mobile staff task management system, CARPS, when an interesting question was posed. Could Purcell's technology deliver due audits, in mobile electronic format, directly to the staff members required to perform them? In this way, auditors would benefit from the convenience and efficiency of performing audits on a mobile device, while management would gain instant access to the data and on-board reporting features they had become accustomed to using the CARPS system.

The Trust's process for cleaning audits at the time will sound familiar to many. The auditor trots off with clipboard, paper and pen, marks the boxes, takes notes as appropriate, perhaps takes a few photos as supporting evidence and returns to base. Next, either the document disappears into a filing cabinet, or the data is carefully and laboriously re-entered onto a spreadsheet, along with the auditor's comments. Photos need to be uploaded and stored alongside, correctly named so that management can locate the information and reports can be produced.

Purcell's NHS client had rightly identified that there should, and could, be a faster, easier more effective way of working, with less chance of error due to repeat data entry or misplaced documents or files. TopCat was developed as the solution and, like any technology solution worth its salt, continues to develop as further needs are discovered, presenting opportunities for innovation and improvement.

Developed with NHS Cleaning Standards in mind, TopCat's flexibility means that it can easily be adapted for almost any compliance auditing or checklist purpose. Recently, it has become increasingly popular in use for PPM. In response to the needs of PPM, the latest string to TopCat's bow is its barcode recognition feature. Rooms, assets or any listed item can easily be assigned a unique barcode so that technicians can simply scan a coded item using their Android device to access relevant details, history and technical information. For example, when was the item last serviced? What constitutes correct performance? If it is a tap at a handwashing station, what temperature should the water be? What amount of wear indicates that a part needs to be replaced?

Barcode recognition means that required information is accessible instantly and effortlessly on the job, saving the technician or auditor even more time and ensuring work is carried out with accuracy. Completed work is logged and signed off on the move, along with any comments and photographic evidence. Completed tasks are automatically synchronised to the TopCat controller, where a comprehensive range of useful reports can be generated and exported as required by management.

Purcell are experienced partners to the Facilities Management and Healthcare industries and specialise in developing solutions through listening to and understanding clients' needs.

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